PASTE MAKERS Everwhere Now

There are a handful of people that decided they want on the bandwagon after all our hard work and they are making paste to sell. Making paste for your own use is wonderful idea and save yourself a little money, we like the idea of wood turners making their own tools, polishes, whatever, BUT, they have contacted all our sponsors wanting them  to sponsor their paste not ours which has done them no good and is a really low thing to do!! All we ask is be careful, if it doesnt say "ACKS WOOD PASTE", it isnt ours!! Ours is food safe, non toxic, and pharmaceutical grade components which we take pride in using! AND, you get the follow up paste for FREE! Remember, it is doesnt say "ACKS", it isnt ours!!

If you do make your own, there is a video out not saying precautions. DO not breathe any of your grit you use, it will do harm to your lungs, make sure you mask up and be careful it is also highly flammable, especially if you are making it in your home kitchen. Wear eye protection too.! I dont think in this video this guys was wearing anything!!

Be safe, protect yourself and family!

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