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ALBERT, a high school student asked:

if he could try our paste? Well we thought it was great a school student was learning a lathe and not video games!  He is also trying to start up an ink

pen business. This is what he sent us for believing in him, my wife and I got personalized ink pens in beautiful cases!!

You can write to AL with any questions on his pens and how he liked our paste at:


Bobby doyon



My Words...

If I used the words “honest” and “business” in the same sentence, would you burst into uncontrolled laughter? Uncontrolled, incredulous, laugh-until-you-cry kind of laughter?

Yes, you can find an "Honest" business..Ack's Wood Paste.  I am so happy that I took a chance and purchased some Sanding and Polishing Paste from Ack's.  Take your chance, and be amazed how beautiful your hard work behind your lathe comes out.  -Thank You, Bobby Doyon


 I’ve been using your products on each bowl I make and think that they’re great! I couldn’t be more happy . Greg-Washington State

Bruce says


 Here is a bowl I’ve used your products on! What an amazing finish!!! 


From Tina:   Doug! 
BTW, are the ACK's pastes as good as the Yorkshire Grid and Hampshire Sheen?


From Tina:   Doug!  BTW, are the ACK's pastes as good as the Yorkshire Grid and Hampshire Sheen?
The Pohl Barn Productions:
I think they are, Ack's is a bit more aggressive than the YG so it doesn't take as much work, it is as Tom said a bit thinner and is easier to apply, had to get use to that, kept digging into it like I needed to with the YG, really the Price is the Clincher, You get the abrasive paste and you get the restoring polish, that's food safe, for the same price as the YG, Then there is the shipping, it actually shows up ! and in a timely manor


Pohl Barn Productions Says:


All I used on this piece was your polish. This is the outcome!! I am doing a video using both pastes soon!!  I really like them both!!

NICK Says:

 Best paste ever Tom. I just finished up a really punky, heavily spalted hackberry bowl and it still came out beautiful using your pastes. Won’t be long before I’m ordering my next batch. 

I really like the sanding paste and the polish!! GREAT PRODUCTS!! Peggy-PFWOODTURNING



All I used was the sanding paste and then the polish to get this finish, really like these pastes!