About Us

Annette is from downstate Pennsylvania and comes from a Pennsylvania Dutch background. She has held down  different jobs from sewing to becoming an American Society of Clinical Pathologist phlebotomist. She is now retired and spends her days making handmade quilts and quilted items and is considering teaching classes on quilt making. She also makes our abrasive wood paste and polish.

Tom worked as a machinist in the 80's running a Warner & Swasey turret lathe producing oil well parts from raw steels. He attended college studying bio-chemisttry, Hematology, and Microbiology. He worked as a medical lab tech for 20 years. In his late 50's he took ill and had to give up working. He assisted his wife in helping her with the recipe of the abrasive wood paste which she now runs. I enjoy woodworking, mostly wood turning when I am able.